Photo by Florian Haimerl


I’m Kathi, born in 1990 and I’m living in Krems an der Donau, Lower Austria.
I started blogging on my Instagram @nasch.katze in 2014 and set up my website in August 2015 – Happy 2nd Anniversary yaayyy! I never thought that sharing my passion for fashion and style make me so happy and is so much fun!


I always loved to take and edit pictures, wether pictures of me or other things or spots I like. I’m a perfectionist, I can spend hours taking photographs until I get the perfect shot! It’s very important to me because otherwise I wouldn’t be happy with my content! Sometimes little things that people wouldn’t even notice in a picture disturb me, so I delete it and try to take a better one!:)
It‘s all about creating inspiring and authentic content. For me, it‘s the most important thing to inspire women to create their own style. I love to photograph and edit pictures and videos, most of all  I love capturing that perfect fashion moment or the beautiful vacation memory – and share them with people all over the world!


For anyone wondering why I decided to name my blog ‘They Call Me Kitten’, the idea for this name came from my friends. My bf started to call me Kitten because my nickname is similar to ‘Katze’ in german which means ‘cat’ or ‘kitten’. After a while, everybody started to call me Kitten – so I thought this fits just perfectly!

Camera and Program

I often get asked what camera and editing program I use for my pictures. It’s the Olympus EM10 MarkII and I use Adobe Lightroom for my pictures. I also love to edit them on my Iphone too because there are so many awesome apps available already and it’s really quick and easy. For my videos I use Adobe Premier Pro CS6! – So now you know;)


I love to blog in english because my followers and visitors are international. I’m thinking about adding german too in the future for my Austrian and German followers!:)


My goal is to improve and perfect my blog, my website, create more videos in the future, and of course to reach and inspire people all over the world!:)
In general it’s quite difficult to tell where I will be in five years. I don’t have like a master plan or something like that… I guess I just want to be happy with life and everything I’m doing!:)

Thank you for stopping by!

Much love, Kathi